Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun and Foam Factory! Fill Your Yard with Tear Free Shampoo Bubbles!

This is the Fun and Foam Factory. Fill your yard with Tear Free Shampoo Bubbles/Foam.

I'm posting this short video to show the toy to a Friend. This is NOT a Review! Just a Short Video to show the Item in the package.

It is rather odd to make a "Plug in Electric Toy" intended to be used BY CHILDREN 8 and Up as stated on the package AROUND water and Pools!

This was Expensive, Short Lived and Closed out quick. This is literally one of the only known surviving archived samples and it was only out two years ago!

Not only is it "Plug in AC House Electric Current", but it also weights more than 15 pounds. It's Basically a Foam Shooting, AC House Current Corded, Plug in Electric Leaf Blower! I only have the single sample and am giving it to Casey Carle famous for his "Bubble Blowing" shows and Demonstrations!

I'm posting this now NOT AS A REVIEW, but to show it to Casey before he comes to Connecticut USA to pick it up. I might Take it out of the Box to try it this weekend just for a You Tube Video!

Heres the Video of this RARE and Bizarre toy New in the Box!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boys are Stupid Game! Great Teaching Game For the Kiddies!

What Were They Thinking? Look at the Information used to promote this game!

Boys are Stupid, throw rocks at them! But first you need to collect the rocks. Do a wacky dare or answer an embarrassing truth to get five rocks and work your way home. The perfect slumber party game for girls of all ages! Boys are Stupid! (Do we need to say most?!) Answering truths or completing wacky dares will help you earn rocks. Collect 5 rocks and work your way home to win the game. Perfect for a slumber party, after a break-up, or the anti-Valentine's Day gift!

This is a REAL GAME! Buy yours today on Ebay! Just the game for your Daughter! NOT!
It actually Encourages throwing rocks at boys! It's "Great for a Girl's Slumber Party" brags the box!

Mike Mozart JeepersMedia