Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Great Video from GrayMCMonkey Dedicated to... me! Mike Mozart ! What a Fan!

Hi again Mike Mozart-a-teers! GrayMCMonkey created a great tribute video to me, Mike Mozart.... or it's really a tribute to my "Collection of Stuff". Either way I think it's Great!

Here's the Link directly to the video on YouTube!

What a Great Fan! Please visit GreymcMonkey and give him 5 stars!
Thanks Again! You are a good Friend!

Mike MOzart Toy Review Guru of Jeepersmedia on YouTube

Kerry1995 Sings Birthday Wishes To Mike Mozart WOW! Wait until you Hear her Voice!

Birthday Wishes sung in honor of Mike Mozarts Birthday on Huly 9th 2008 by Kerry1995 on YouTube!

Kerry has the voice of an angel. Please listen to this amazingly beautiful video! After you do, Please drop by the YouTube page location;

And give Kerry 5 WELL DESERVED Stars! Shes going to be BIG some day! And we all knew her when!

Thanks Again Kerry! Absolutely Beautiful! A GREAT Birthday Present!

Mike Mozart of Jeepers Media on You Tube!

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm Starting to Annotate my Videos!

I'm Starting to Annotate my Videos!

Watch my Videos over the Next Few Days, I'm starting to Annotate them. Here is one of My First. I've only done two minutes. Let me Know what you think either comment here or at Jeepersmedia on the ACTUAL video Listing! Check out these Very Funny Videos!

Go Directly to this Mike Mozart Jeepersmedia Toy Review Video on You Tube.

When the Videos are imbedded, Such as the same one below, The annotations DO NOT WORK!
You need to push the link to see how its going!

Here's the Big question, Should I put the Annotated Videos up as New separate Videos??

Please Let Me Know!

Mike Mozart

"How to Draw Mike Mozart" by Spiderkid05 a Big Jeepersmedia Fan!


Watch some REALLY Funny Videos here! Some of Mike Mozarts Funniest Videos ever in an Outstanding Playlist!

A Great "How to Draw Mike Mozart Video" by Spiderkid05.

Just Amazing Video by a GREAT KID! Check out his GREAT channel on You Tube to learn how to draw ALL KINDS of Cool things...Besides me Of Course! His Feature Video is How to Draw the Incredible Hunk! GREAT VIDEO TOO!

Thanks Again Spider Kid!

Mike Mozart The Toy and Product Review Guru of Jeepersmedia

Happy Birthday To Mike Mozart July 9th

Happy Birthday to Me, Michael Mozart of Jeepersmedia on July 9th!

One of My Early Fans, Batboy,

Created this OUTSTANDING and Unexpected Birthday video for me in 2007!

BatBoy is well on his way to a Toy Collection As Big as Mine!

Thanks Again Batboy!

Your Friend Michael Mozart the Toy and Product Review Guru of Jeepersmedia

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great Fan RokinRebex22 On YouTube, The "Digg" Master!


My GREAT FAN RokinRebex22 singlehandedly Dugg most of My You Tube Videos!

WOW! What A LOT of Work! Not only that, She is VERY Talented! She didn't have a video camera , yet made a Great Video Featuring Jeepersmedia! How COOL is That!

Check it out Right Here!

Or Watch It Here! It only has 79 Views! I would appreciate if you all would click on that link and give it five stars! What a Trooper!

Don't Forget that it's My Birthday on July 9th!

Best Regards,
Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia and The Toy Channel

Welcome All My Fans! This is Brand New!

Hi to All,

I'm going to be writing about all my Exploits in Business here and imbedding some of MY LESS than You Tube-able Videos!

I'm also go to feature Videos that My GREAT FANS keep making to Honor Me! I will embed and write my thoughts on them. I think it will be lots of Fun.

I'm also going to Start adding those Balloon Notes to my older videos to explain them. Some videos had very specific Jokes about such things a "Wheat Gluten" that poisoned so many pets in 2006-7 in Canned Pet Foods from Menu foods. So I thought that I would put those little Pop Up notes in those "Dated Ones"

I'm Featuring Today, This GREAT Fan Movie that I think is Hilarious,

Mike Mozart Has Evil Eyes!

Please Enjoy!

Thanks For Visiting and Feel Free to Comment!

Mike Mozart

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Disney's The Little Mermaid Lollipop Review by Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia

This is my Review of the Little Mermaid Lollipop. One of my More watched Videos Ever and one of the Most Fun.

Check out this Super Funny Video of the Epic Fail Tarzan Toy

One of the most Epic Fail Videos every made of Toys!

The Epic Fail Kaba Kick Suicide Gun Game for Kids! Try not to Laugh at these Epic Fail Pez Dispensers! a Really Funny Video!