Friday, October 24, 2008

Recommended Very Funny Videos!

Elmo Loves Balls! In this Very Funny Video Epic Fail Toy! A JeepersMedia Fail Toy! Watch and Try Not to Laugh! Part of the "Elmo's World" Line of Toys, This Talking Plush is called Guess What Elmo!

Watch This Epic Fail Batman Water Gun Video! You'll get "Hosed" for Certain. The Famous and Epic Fail Trigger Placement really establishes the Total Epic Fail status of this Fail Toy Classic!

A Great Playlist of some Really Funny Videos. If you like to Laugh at Fail toys, then This List is for YOU! Some of the Best of the Worst Fail Toys abound!

The Epic Fail, Yet Epic Funny Rad Repeating Tarzan Action Figure made by Mattel is Well known for being an Epic Fail Funny Video! This Unique Tarzan Toy features "Spank the Monkey Action!"

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Funny EPIC FAIL Light Switch Wall Plates! Such a Funny Video on JeepersMedia on YouTube

Try Not to Laugh at THESE Funny Pez Dispensers!

Funny Video! Alien Autopsy Epic Fail toy! You'll love This Funny video and it is Highly Recommended! Be certain to watch through to the end to see Coco Puff!

Funny Video of the Dora The Explorer Toy, The Famous Dora the Explorer EPIC FAIL TOY interactive Friend! The Toy that Looks Like Something Else!