Monday, November 3, 2008

Defining Products as Novelty, Prank, Gag or Specialty

I received a UNIQUE question to my You Tube Account that I thought that I should share with all my fans!

Nov 03, 2008
Hey Mr Mozart, I hope u can reply to me =), What actually is a gag?? That "Give'm the Finger and the Mona Lisa was hilarious... So a gag is like a prank toy or what lol??=) Pls reply!!!


To: ticochannel

A Gag Gift is a product that is bought for the funny thing that it does rather than actually usefulness. A "Gag" product usually means that the action it performs would cause a user or viewer to laugh. That "Gag" product can be called a "Prank" product if it causes a physical reaction in the unsuspecting user or participant.

A FAKE Camera with a snake that jumps out that doesn't ACTUALLY take pictures is a Gag product AND a Prank product that would SURPRISE the person being "Photographed" and make them jump! ( The Physical Reaction!).

A FAKE camera that unexpectedly SHOCKS the user is a Gag Product and a Prank Product.
The Unsuspecting victim would be asked to take your picture and be shocked when they pushed the button.( A physical Reaction)

A "Novelty" Product or Toy has a useful everyday Function and a UNIQUE FEATURE that is usually silly or unexpected! That feature may or may not be a Prank.

A Pen may be called a "Novelty" because it includes a Functional Radio. Since Pens normally do not include radios that makes it a novelty product only. Two functional features within one product to be only referred to as a "Novelty" both features must be useful in everyday life. Any Humor Aspect puts it into the Gag, Prank categories as well.

A Pen that actually writes AND has a snake that could jump out is a Gag item and/or Prank toy or could be called a NOVELTY as well!

A Pen that Shocks the unsuspecting user could be called a Novelty Gag Prank Product. Pens Don't Normal Shock People, So that feature makes it a Novelty ( New Unique Feature added to a useful item), A Gag because the item would inspire laughter. And a Prank because it will physically startle the Unsuspecting user.

A Specialty ( as in Advertising Specialty) is a unique form of a common item, such as a Ballpoint pen that is shaped like a little Baseball Bat, but has no other unique or unexpected function. A Trash Can shaped like a Frog with an open mouth is not a Gag product or Novelty product it would technically be called a "Specialty Item" in the product manufacturing and design professions.

I'm going to post your question and this response on my blog, because I never thought about my fans not understanding these terms that I work with Every Day! I'll try to make this more clear later.

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