Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Boobs Dancing Sweetheart Toy...The UNCENSORED Video! Children Go Away! OMG!

This is it! The Naughty Dancing Boob Flashing Sweetheart Girl. The Uncensored Video! OMG!This is a VERY Silly PG Rated toy! Don't Worry!

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Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia


stanthecanadianman said...

hey mike i was wondering will you ever review differant lego products?

-matt- said...

My eyes, Mike, my eyes!
How dare you......Just Kidding!
Very funny video..keep them up!
(and I will always vote 5 stars!)

Mark_ATL said...

Hi Mike,
I just discovered you this morning on youtube and have really enjoyed watching all your clips and toy reviews. Thanks for all the good work. Your warehouse is amazing! My favorite toys growing up were my Major Matt Mason action figure w/ his Space Station and his Creepy Crawler transport vehicle and my Mattel Strange Change Machine. We grew up kinda poor but my brother worked for a toy store back in the 60's and they would cover damaged toys with black spray paint before discarding them. He was able to snag my Major Matt Mason and accessories before it ended up in the spray paint pile. It was fine, just some scratches on the windows of the space station. :)

thewardenlover said...

i have a sugjeston *spelling fail*
u should revew ty benie babies or webkinz

Anonymous said...

your very funny Michael love your videos

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!! MY FREAKIN EYES! Jk. I go to that store whenever i can :P its funny,
I saw this parrot LOL and u walk past him and he says stuff like:


Craw fish said...

You Never fail to Make Me Laugh!
(And Rate 5 Stars)
Here is Your Five Stars!


Anonymous said...

Funny video!!