Friday, July 11, 2008

McDonalds Message

I really appreciate your message through Twitter!

I only tweeted that message about McDonald's no Longer Taking 50's and 100's through my JeepersMedia Twitter Account ( around 9,000 followers)! I actually have over 50,000 followers on other accounts on Twitter!

I am a Most Viewed and Subscribed YouTube Celebrity with over 100 MILLION Views and Nearly a Half Million Subscribers on My Famous YouTube Channels. I regularly appear on National TV.

The McDonald's in question is in West Harford/Farmington Connecticut across the street from the very BUSY West Farms Mall, Connecticut's largest mall. You can certainly view me on security tapes if you wish, it was last night just as I tweeted. I wasn't upset, just mystified. It was after dinner rush. I tweeted from McDonalds so you will know the time. I have on a Blue Baseball cap.

I placed my order which had some problems because no one knew how to key in the McRib without the sauce. I was VERY IMPRESSED with the Young Woman at the register before I ordered, ( When she first asked for my order I was so impressed by her smile that I commented about it!.)

The order taker was Exceptionally polite and nice. When I passed the hundred, She asked the manager ( Another Woman) if she could accept it, the response from that woman to me is that McDonald's No Longer accepts ANY 100's or $50's due to all the counterfeit bills. No Exceptions.

I asked if All McDonald's or Just this one. She replied that All McDonald's had this policy ( Which Seemed odd because I was certain that I had paid with Hundreds Before). The Manager ( I'm assuming this older woman was the manager) was very polite, did not get upset, but did seem a little tired.

I Commented to the Manager that there was no sign to that effect. She actually looked around to confirm, and said they had several, but must have fallen down. But it didn't matter. No Smaller Change, no order.

I walked out to my truck and got some smaller bills in my console.

After I left it dawned on me that NO ONE had recommended that I just use a debit or credit card!

With the BUSY Holiday Shopping Season, MANY of your customers will be more likely to have big bills, Particularly at a VERY Busy McDonald's directly across from Connecticut's largest Mall, West Farms Mall, RIGHT OFF Connecticut's busiest Interstate I-84 Highway and Route 9.

McDonald's should reconsider accepting at least $50.00 dollar bills. There are Marking Pens and Bill verifier machines. You should at least post this policy of "No Longer Accepting 50's or 100's "on signs at the door or counter to alerting customers before they order.

I have hidden this message in an old blog posting where it won't be seen by the outside world. The Twitter 140 characters just couldn't do it. I'll delete it in 24 hours.

Mike Mozart.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Best Fan Video EVER! Thanks SirensGrotto! My Very Favorite Song Too!

Well, SirensGrotto is the Winner, Was there a Contest? Of the Best Fan video EVER made of Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia! I am so happy to have received this Great Video on My Birthday!

Siren's Grotto! You are the Best. How did you guess that 1985 was my VERY FAVORITE SONG?? I graduated from College in 1985. The original Music video in my absolute favorite music video!

SirensGrotto was one of my VERY FIRST FANS wayyyyy back in the very beginning! When my videos were justtttt starting not to suck! SirensGrotto was originally Sirengarg until YouTube deleted the Account! Those BASTARDS!

But Back to Happy Things! Here is my Favorite Video Ever! You will Enjoy it A LOT TOO!!

Please Please Please Please Go to the Video and Rate it 5 Stars!

a Video Birthday Card for Mike Mozart from RollerBladeMan100 on You Tube

Celebrate Good Times!

Yes is was Mike Mozart's Birthday on July 9th! And the Birthday greetings Did Roll in! It was great! Over 1,000 Birthday messages to My You Tube Message Box REALLY brightened my day!

Of course the special videos that my Fans make ALWAYS are my fondest gifts!

This Video birthday card from RollerBladeMan100 really cheered me up!

Thanks Again!

Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike Mozart from StinkyCheeseAuthor

Another Outstanding Birthday Video! WOW! Thanks to all of you for the cool, fun videos! This AMAZING Video Game themed one is by StinkyCheeseAuthor "Loz: Oracles of Mario and Stinky Cheese AND SmashMania", famous for Super Smash Bros. and SmashMania Videos. You'll LOVE It! Please click the link to see it on YouTube and Rate it 5 Stars! He Certainly Deserves it!

Thanks Again Stinky Cheese Author from
Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Banner Test

Test of Banner Created for me by Youtuber Goobian



Test of a Banner Created for me by YouTuber GrayFox189


More July 9th Birthday Birthday Wishes! A GREAT video from webkinz321rock


The Birthday Wishes videos keep rolling in. Hurray! I JUST received a cute on from YouTuber webkinz321rock with Kitty Cats! You have to see this!

Thanks Again for the birthday wishes!

Mike Mozart the Toy Review Guru of Jeepersmedia

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

AwesomeChic123 Wishes Mike Mozart Happy Birthday!


It's my Birthday on July 9th! I've been kinda depressed lately! So much work! And then AwesomeChic123 on You Tube sends me this GREAT Video as a reply to my new "Leave Viacom Alone" video!

You Must See this GREAT Video! Please click the link below to see the actual Video on You Tube! Please give our Great Fan 5 stars!

Awesomechic123 Birthday Wishes for Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia!

Thank You again AwesomeChic123! You're the Greatest!

Mike Mozart the Toy Guru from Jeepers Media on You Tube!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Worst Toy In HISTORY, Incredible Hulk Operation Game Reviewed Now on You Tube by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia


My new Toy review Video, "Most Funny Toy In History" Incredible Hulk Operation Game is Turning out to be My Biggest hit since My Return to You Tube Last Week! This toy is a special treat as it not only features The Incredible Hulk, but Also has Spiderman AND Ironman!

I shot that funny hulk video twice. I had heard so much about the Angry Video Game Nerd and watched his videos. I thought I would review this Horrifying Incredible Hulk toy with that same type of Anger. I shot and edited the video....but I didn't like it.

Even though the toy is terrible, It almost made be seem to extreme to bash a toy featuring little kid-like characters so harshly.

I re-shot and edited the video and was Sooooo tired after re-editing, Etc. that after the first two minutes, I neglected to put in my Trademark "Comic" sound effects.
More About this video AFTER the Embedded video! Look Below!!

I have been slowly adding annotations, "Pop Up Video" bubbles to this video as well as LOTS of my older videos! I've done most of the "Incredible Hulk" operation game toy review, but they only work ON the actual You Tube Site, and not in the embedded videos as I have added here!

Incredible Hulk Operation Game Toy Review

The original Incredible Hulk Operation Game Review cut was 12 minutes long, and I edited it down to 7.5 minutes, My longest single toy review video.

I edited out my complaint that the game required 4 TRIPLE A Batteries rather than 4 DOUBLE A Batteries and that the package REALLY hid this fact. I had to drive out to by batteries at my local CVS pharmacy at 11PM at night so I could shot the video! Hasbro probably did the change to save 1 cent on the manufacturing cost and cause a problem for the consumer!

Well, The toy IS made in the USA Mostly, ( It has two tiny imported parts) I usually give a company "Thumbs Up" for this, but I left it out because the toy was SO BAD!!!!

I also edited out the "item to remove" from Hulk's leg with the "Missile Toe". The Item was "Pants Shreds". The card read, "Help Hulk by Removing the Pants Shred Piece From His Pants and says "Hulk Likes to Shred his Puny Pants". It was very funny, but not good enough for the final cut!

I really wanted to mention the GIGANTIC bulge right where his "Family Jewels" are in his crotch, but it seemed "Over the top" and oddly enough,You can see this and Other Very Funny Videos here! Usually it's approved in 1-2 hours! I hope they don't feel it's TOO offensive! Well, I haven't been turned down yet! Well, You Tube already approved my "Rosie O'Donnell Doll Review" AND "Drag Queen Mr Potato Head" so they can't be too crazy about controversial reviews!

Please feel free to leave comments! You don't need to be a Blogger User, but the comments ARE moderated to prevent spam.

Thanks for Watching,
Mike Mozart

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Elvis Is Alive! From the People that Brought You Robosapien!

Hi Fans,

I'm trying to find one of these to Review on Jeepersmedia! Elvis is Alive as a Bizarre singing Robot decapitated Head! I'm NOT kidding. The Company Wowee that brought us such toys as Robosapien AND the Alive Chimpanzee Head are breatheing life back into Elvis Presley!

This is a Preview Video from the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show! This is not my Review, but I will make a review as soon as I lay my hands on one!

Stay Tuned to Jeepersmedia for all the latest and worst Toys and Games imaginable and unimaginable!!!

Mike Mozart your Toy Review Guru of Jeepersmedia