Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll be LIVE Tonight on Blog TV Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

I'll be on LIVE Tonight at Ten O'Clock on BlogTV Jan 21, 2008

Here is a recorded video of the Live Show. Some are Better, Some are Worse!

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Mike Mozart

Friday, December 19, 2008

Funny Videos

I have a New Channel Playlist of Funny Videos! Some of my Very best Fail Toy Reviews!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

GREAT NEW FAN VIDEO! from deadsetrox on YouTube


A Great new Fan video! What a NICE EARLY Christmas Present! From Deadsetrox

Thanks Again! I REALLY APPRECIATED THAT VIDEO! I was SOOOO Depressed! It really cheered me up!

Thanks Again,

Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mike Mozart on the Bonnie Hunt Show!

Hi Guys!

A still frame of me and Bonnie reviewing toys on the December 8,2008 Show! Biscuit the dog was particularly LOVED by Bonnie's Dog Charlie!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Defining Products as Novelty, Prank, Gag or Specialty

I received a UNIQUE question to my You Tube Account that I thought that I should share with all my fans!

Nov 03, 2008
Hey Mr Mozart, I hope u can reply to me =), What actually is a gag?? That "Give'm the Finger and the Mona Lisa was hilarious... So a gag is like a prank toy or what lol??=) Pls reply!!!


To: ticochannel

A Gag Gift is a product that is bought for the funny thing that it does rather than actually usefulness. A "Gag" product usually means that the action it performs would cause a user or viewer to laugh. That "Gag" product can be called a "Prank" product if it causes a physical reaction in the unsuspecting user or participant.

A FAKE Camera with a snake that jumps out that doesn't ACTUALLY take pictures is a Gag product AND a Prank product that would SURPRISE the person being "Photographed" and make them jump! ( The Physical Reaction!).

A FAKE camera that unexpectedly SHOCKS the user is a Gag Product and a Prank Product.
The Unsuspecting victim would be asked to take your picture and be shocked when they pushed the button.( A physical Reaction)

A "Novelty" Product or Toy has a useful everyday Function and a UNIQUE FEATURE that is usually silly or unexpected! That feature may or may not be a Prank.

A Pen may be called a "Novelty" because it includes a Functional Radio. Since Pens normally do not include radios that makes it a novelty product only. Two functional features within one product to be only referred to as a "Novelty" both features must be useful in everyday life. Any Humor Aspect puts it into the Gag, Prank categories as well.

A Pen that actually writes AND has a snake that could jump out is a Gag item and/or Prank toy or could be called a NOVELTY as well!

A Pen that Shocks the unsuspecting user could be called a Novelty Gag Prank Product. Pens Don't Normal Shock People, So that feature makes it a Novelty ( New Unique Feature added to a useful item), A Gag because the item would inspire laughter. And a Prank because it will physically startle the Unsuspecting user.

A Specialty ( as in Advertising Specialty) is a unique form of a common item, such as a Ballpoint pen that is shaped like a little Baseball Bat, but has no other unique or unexpected function. A Trash Can shaped like a Frog with an open mouth is not a Gag product or Novelty product it would technically be called a "Specialty Item" in the product manufacturing and design professions.

I'm going to post your question and this response on my blog, because I never thought about my fans not understanding these terms that I work with Every Day! I'll try to make this more clear later.

Watch some Very Funny videos as Part of this Funny Videos Playlist! You will find it Quite Funny!

Mike Mozart

Check out THIS Epic Fail Batman Toy! I Mean Really!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funny Video: Flying Fuck RC Helicopter Toy!

An Extremely Funny Video, The Flying Fuck toy, Remarkable RC Helicopter that Actually Flies! What an Unusual Gift to truly express your feelings, or lack thereof, than the Gift of the VERY FUNNY Flying Fuck toy.

The Funny Video here is an Actual demonstration in the Masterful hands and offices of Mike Mozart ans Coco Puff the Black Lab, Official Wonder Dog and Mascot of the Epic Funny Fail Toy Video destination on the Internet!

This is a Particularly Funny Videos Playlist of Mike Mozart's Best Epic Fail funny Toys!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Recommended Very Funny Videos!

Elmo Loves Balls! In this Very Funny Video Epic Fail Toy! A JeepersMedia Fail Toy! Watch and Try Not to Laugh! Part of the "Elmo's World" Line of Toys, This Talking Plush is called Guess What Elmo!

Watch This Epic Fail Batman Water Gun Video! You'll get "Hosed" for Certain. The Famous and Epic Fail Trigger Placement really establishes the Total Epic Fail status of this Fail Toy Classic!

A Great Playlist of some Really Funny Videos. If you like to Laugh at Fail toys, then This List is for YOU! Some of the Best of the Worst Fail Toys abound!

The Epic Fail, Yet Epic Funny Rad Repeating Tarzan Action Figure made by Mattel is Well known for being an Epic Fail Funny Video! This Unique Tarzan Toy features "Spank the Monkey Action!"

Need Toy Reviews for Christmas 2010 Click here for the Ultimate Resource!

Funny EPIC FAIL Light Switch Wall Plates! Such a Funny Video on JeepersMedia on YouTube

Try Not to Laugh at THESE Funny Pez Dispensers!

Funny Video! Alien Autopsy Epic Fail toy! You'll love This Funny video and it is Highly Recommended! Be certain to watch through to the end to see Coco Puff!

Funny Video of the Dora The Explorer Toy, The Famous Dora the Explorer EPIC FAIL TOY interactive Friend! The Toy that Looks Like Something Else!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


ELMO LIVE is Available! And of Course Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia waited in line to be the first!

AND CHECK OUT THIS ADORABLE Video ( Not Mine) of three Dogs checking out Elmo Live for the First Time! PRICELESS!

Funny Videos of Epic Fail Toys

Funny Video of an Epic Fail Toy!

Best Funny Videos Playlist Ever!

Mike Mozart

Monday, October 13, 2008

I LOL'ed at this Hysterical Impression of me by JordanHass ! Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia


This VERY FUNNY IMPRESSION of me was GREAT! AND he reviews a Toy that I have been too chicken to review, the Steve Irwin Action Figure!

Click here to go to JordanHass Channel on You Tube


Mike Mozart

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Worlds Shortest Cameo Appearance by Mike Mozart in a Fan Video!

Hi all! A fun little fan video by RollerBladeMan100. I have a Very short Cameo appearance in the center! But I certainly look good!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Animated Banner Submitted by

FANTASTIC You Tuber Tyler DokiDokiP sent me a GREAT Animated banner!
Click here to view his GREAT YOU TUBE CHANNEL DokiDokiP

I Don't know if I'll change my Banner just Yet..I Might!...But I wanted everyone to see this great animated Gif!

Thanks Tyler!

You Are a Great Fan!

Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun and Foam Factory! Fill Your Yard with Tear Free Shampoo Bubbles!

This is the Fun and Foam Factory. Fill your yard with Tear Free Shampoo Bubbles/Foam.

I'm posting this short video to show the toy to a Friend. This is NOT a Review! Just a Short Video to show the Item in the package.

It is rather odd to make a "Plug in Electric Toy" intended to be used BY CHILDREN 8 and Up as stated on the package AROUND water and Pools!

This was Expensive, Short Lived and Closed out quick. This is literally one of the only known surviving archived samples and it was only out two years ago!

Not only is it "Plug in AC House Electric Current", but it also weights more than 15 pounds. It's Basically a Foam Shooting, AC House Current Corded, Plug in Electric Leaf Blower! I only have the single sample and am giving it to Casey Carle famous for his "Bubble Blowing" shows and Demonstrations!

I'm posting this now NOT AS A REVIEW, but to show it to Casey before he comes to Connecticut USA to pick it up. I might Take it out of the Box to try it this weekend just for a You Tube Video!

Heres the Video of this RARE and Bizarre toy New in the Box!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boys are Stupid Game! Great Teaching Game For the Kiddies!

What Were They Thinking? Look at the Information used to promote this game!

Boys are Stupid, throw rocks at them! But first you need to collect the rocks. Do a wacky dare or answer an embarrassing truth to get five rocks and work your way home. The perfect slumber party game for girls of all ages! Boys are Stupid! (Do we need to say most?!) Answering truths or completing wacky dares will help you earn rocks. Collect 5 rocks and work your way home to win the game. Perfect for a slumber party, after a break-up, or the anti-Valentine's Day gift!

This is a REAL GAME! Buy yours today on Ebay! Just the game for your Daughter! NOT!
It actually Encourages throwing rocks at boys! It's "Great for a Girl's Slumber Party" brags the box!

Mike Mozart JeepersMedia

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Mah Na, Mah Na" Born from 1960's Adult Film? MahNa MahNa

The Charming song "Mah Na Mah Na" is Born of a 1960's Adult Film! That's Right!

The original Mah Na Mah Na song was written in 1968 by Italian film composer Piero Umiliani who created the song as part of the soundtrack of a Soft Core ( By Today's Standards, Scandalous for the Time Period!), Adult film for which it was written!

Here is the..Interesting..But True History of this Song made famous by "Sesame Street" and the "Muppet Show".

I've had so many questions regarding the short appearance of the little Red "Mah Na Mah Na" singing Monster in one of my videos. I must receive ten messages a day asking me the name of the Song!

Here is the Famous Version from "The Muppet Show" from the 1980's. If some of the Clip Frames don't load, Refresh your Browser!

It is based upon an Earlier Version from Sesame Street 1969, JUST ONE YEAR after it's release as a Soft Core Adult Film Soundtrack!

Based on an even EARLIER Sesame Street Version ( Sesame Street Version One 1969)

Originally, the Song "Mah Na Mah Na" was Written for a SoftCore Swedish Adult Movie from Just One Year earlier, in 1968, called "Sweden; Hell and Heaven". Here is a "G" rated Clip. This is the Original, First Use as it was intended! As a "One Time Use" for a Softcore Adult Film Background music soundtrack.

This clip shows the Actual First Use of Mah Na Mah Na up to the ...Ummmm... Part where the movie gets...Interesting!! You can only IMAGINE what happens next in that Sauna!!!!

Read All about the History of this Infectious Song Here!

Just ONE more Version! With Sandra Bullock! This is the Best Quality Version that I could find that was embeddable!

Thanks for reading the Interesting History of this Song "Mahna Mahna". It was also played quite often on the "Benny Hill Show" as a Chase Scene Favorite! I'll embed a Benny Hill clip as soon as I find one, unless one of My Fans can find one first and message me to my You Tube Channel!

Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Monday, August 4, 2008

Unintended Funny Comment on My Channel By Capt JackSparrow35

I'm a BIG FAN of the "Pirates of the Carribean" Movies inspite of ALL THE Movie Mistakes! Check out;

CaptJackSparrow35 left a channel response to my question "Were there any BAD "Pirates of the Carribean" Toys". I Like the Thunbnail Avatar of Jack Sparrow, AND the reply. I KNOW Capt Jack is Hiding something!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

PotDude08 Makes a Great Tribute Video For me Mike Mozart!

Thanks PotDude08! I really like the Moving letters at the end!

A Five star Performance!

Thanks Again,
Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Store Ride on Toy "What Were They Thinking!"

This toy was in our Local WalMart store for a few months and I didn't get a chance to film it. Here is a cell phone picture!


Horrifying Isn't It! I'm trying to find a Local store that still has one! Can anyone tell me where to find one of these machines in the North East United States? All I have is this Cell Phone Picture from another site.

Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Blank Message

Voice over for StinkyCheeseAuthor. It's Ten plus minutes of EVERY possible way to read the 12 second clip. You MUST be able to mix and match or choose one from the many! Many Different Pronunciations and Reading Styles including some FUNNY ONES!

Sorry It took so LONG!

Mike Mozart

Thursday, July 24, 2008



Great Fans Create GREAT Videos! This is a Fresh New one From PuppyCheeseCup17

Great Fans Create GREAT Videos! This is a Fresh New one From PuppyCheeseCup17.

It's Fans like PuppyCheeseCup17 that make it all worthwhile! Here's the GREAT Tribute Movie that he created Just for Me!

Thanks Again PuppyCheeseCup17!

Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Assorted Ugly Hulk Licensed Plush Toys! GAG!

Assorted Ugly Hulk Licensed Plush Toys! GAG! Feast your eyes on THESE Atrocities! Grab the Barf Bags Kids!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flashing Boobs Toy Dancing Girl Video Below!

Enjoy the Bizarre Video Below!

The Boobs Dancing Sweetheart Toy...The UNCENSORED Video! Children Go Away! OMG!

This is it! The Naughty Dancing Boob Flashing Sweetheart Girl. The Uncensored Video! OMG!This is a VERY Silly PG Rated toy! Don't Worry!

Click Here for The Most Recent JeepersMedia Blog Postings!!
Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trick Or Treat! Halloween Hulk Goodie ( Travesty) Marvel Licensed Candy Bucket at it's Horrifying Best! Toy Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

The Fun Never ends in the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately the DC Licensed products were FAR Superior offering far less opportunities to have a laugh. Check out this Charming Halloween Sculpt of Our Troubled Green Friend. He looks like he's squeezing one out!

Made by Renzi in the 1970's-1980's. Think "Chimpanzee Face"

Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Mike Mozart Toy Review of Another Pitiful Incredible Hulk Licensed Toy, Incredible Hulk "Shape Shifter" Turns into a Dinosaur

The Shitty toys never stop being Crapped out in the Marvel Universe. Feast your Eyes and Grab your vomit bags. Behold another Marvel Travesty, The Horrifying Incredible Hulk Shape Shifter Toy. It was like a Transformer..but nasty Crappy.

Hulk turns into a Lame Dino Beast! Well a Picture says a THOUSAND WORDS, so here it is! OMG, You have been Warned!

Mike Mozart The Product and Toy Guru of JeepersMedia on YouTube!

Incredible Hulk TRAVESTIES! Continued. Ugliest Incredible Hulk toy EVER??

Hi Kids,

I'm going through my toy collection looking for Terrible toys. I found the images for this toy, Incredible Hulk SpiderMan. No Fooling!

I'd like to say that this is the WORST incedible Hulk licensed toy EVER...But I have over 50 more Ugly Hulk toys to Sort Through! Sigh...

Well, Feast your Eyes on THIS Horror!

Monday, July 21, 2008

SirensGrotto Video of a Baby Bird, with a Guest Appearance by Mike Mozart!


What an absolutely beautiful video! What a scary responsibility to raise a baby bird from that size and age!

I hope that having seen Mike Mozart at SUCH a Young age doesn't effect the Baby Bird too Much! This beautiful Baby MockingBird will be set free in a few weeks.

Subscribe to SirensGrotto for Updates

If the Video DOES NOT APPEAR Below, Refresh Your Browser!

Baby's First Culture Lesson!

WOW Again, You did a GREAT Job!

Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

You Tube Ratings, Comments, Etc. Went Down Monday Afternoon

You Tube Ratings, Comments, Etc. Went Down Monday night about 7:00pm, still down NOW at this Posting time of 9:40 Pm Eastern Standard USA Time in Connecticut. ( UPDATE: Ability to Comment, Rate, Subscribe, Check Messages Etc. returned at 1:00 AM on Tuesday Morning! OMG) The You Tube Rating service receives Daily view counts from You Tube and Shows NO VIEWS since the Outage. They had BETTER be Caught up tomorrow)

Figures! I JUST POSTED my new Incredible Hulk Riding Toy video 45 Minutes before the outage. I've been SO Cursed lately!

Sighhhh. I KNEW I should have posted it this morning! I'm embedding it here. The YouTube site is Soooo screwed up that I can't Create a Frame for it!

Mike Mozart

Stupidest Toys EVER! Batman Web Splasher Playset

YouTube fan Tom of NotWhole reminded me of a Toy series that I bought a few years back. The Spiderman Web Splasher Playset had the "Water Cannon" in the most inappropriate Spot! I thought that I would share an Image!

I'll review the toy soon. I need to use it in a pool!

More fun soon!

Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia

Friday, July 18, 2008

I can See Who Rates me on You Tube!

This is what I SEE! These are Ratings from my Newest Video about Harrison Ford's decision to promote WITH HIS LIKENESS, junk food for kids.

I never paid attention to what each user rates me until the Newest Video featuring my irritation of Harrison Ford. I'm surprised that I'm getting a public 4 star rating on the Indiana Jones SUCKS video rather than 5 stars or at least 4.5 stars in the first two hours BEFORE it hits the YouTube Search Engine. That means FANS/Subscribers/Friends are rating me poorly!

I'm SHOCKED that Longtime fans are siding with Harrison Ford and Viacom. I go out of my way to ACTUALLY Visit as many fans YouTube channels as possible and rate them 5 stars and comment on EVERY VIDEO.

I comment on their Public Channel Page. I really try Answer every possible question that comes in.

48 "Fans" have given me one star.

I posted this video at 5:00 AM in the morning. I worked on it all night because I felt so strongly about the issue.

I can't believe certain fans found my video so offensive or liked Harrison Ford so Much that after what I've done ESPECIALLY for certain fans to give me 1 star. Then to top it off, I get a Single star, go to their channel page with the Recent Ratings shown and they rate stolen copyright infringing clips 5 stars!

My in box has 2,800 messages from the PAST THREE DAYS! I'm spending 2 hours a day answering You Tube messages alone. I try NOT to disappoint anyone.

It Takes FOUR Fans to give me Five star Ratings to undo the damage of a Single ONE STAR RATING!

•A ONE and a FIVE equals THREE

•A Three and a Five Equals FOUR

•A Four and a Five Equals Four and One Half

•A Four and One Half and a Five will Show as Five

I have produced almost ALL these videos for free, my time, my money. Now that I'm in the advertising program I'm making $9.00-10.00 per day which does not cover ANYTHING. At least I'm making a little something.

I need a Hundred Thousand Views Per Day but One Star ratings hurt me BADLY Across the Board. Among my "Fans", I had 48 JeepersMedia YouTube subscribers/friends that gave me 1 star in the first two hours. It took 200 other real Fans 5 star ratings to bring that back up to a 4.5 rating that I have now.

Being a fan is like it is in baseball. Even if the Hometown team is in last place, the REAL fans still root for them. At least some of my FALSE friends and Fans made themselves known to me today. I DO NOT FORGET!

I think they should join the Harrison Ford Fan Club. Then they will find out how much Harrison Ford cares about his fans. Maybe Harrison Ford will rate THEIR videos, or reply to a message and offer encouragement. NOT!

My subscribers have DOUBLED in the two weeks since I returned. I will mention and promote, comment and Favorite my REAL fans, as I always have. Each day, my ability to help others become popular grows stronger.

Mike Mozart

Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Birthday Video! WOW! From ChopFace96 Udder Face and S.S. Comics!

What a GREAT BIRTHDAY this year! Another Great Birthday video has rolled in. I love it!

A Special Gift from ChopFace96 on YouTube Utter Face and S.S. Comics.

Click here to see it and Rate it 5 stars!! It's GREAT!

A BIG Thanks Again From,
Mike Mozart, Toy and Product Guru of JeepersMedia!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike Mozart Video Greetings From StanTheCanadianMan on YouTube


Just when you think that the creative new birthday greetings are all in, you get a special and unique g mod Surprise!

Check out this Birthday Wishes Video to me, Mike Mozart on StantheCanadianMan and give him 5 stars for this CLEVER Video!

Friday, July 11, 2008

McDonalds Message

I really appreciate your message through Twitter!

I only tweeted that message about McDonald's no Longer Taking 50's and 100's through my JeepersMedia Twitter Account ( around 9,000 followers)! I actually have over 50,000 followers on other accounts on Twitter!

I am a Most Viewed and Subscribed YouTube Celebrity with over 100 MILLION Views and Nearly a Half Million Subscribers on My Famous YouTube Channels. I regularly appear on National TV.

The McDonald's in question is in West Harford/Farmington Connecticut across the street from the very BUSY West Farms Mall, Connecticut's largest mall. You can certainly view me on security tapes if you wish, it was last night just as I tweeted. I wasn't upset, just mystified. It was after dinner rush. I tweeted from McDonalds so you will know the time. I have on a Blue Baseball cap.

I placed my order which had some problems because no one knew how to key in the McRib without the sauce. I was VERY IMPRESSED with the Young Woman at the register before I ordered, ( When she first asked for my order I was so impressed by her smile that I commented about it!.)

The order taker was Exceptionally polite and nice. When I passed the hundred, She asked the manager ( Another Woman) if she could accept it, the response from that woman to me is that McDonald's No Longer accepts ANY 100's or $50's due to all the counterfeit bills. No Exceptions.

I asked if All McDonald's or Just this one. She replied that All McDonald's had this policy ( Which Seemed odd because I was certain that I had paid with Hundreds Before). The Manager ( I'm assuming this older woman was the manager) was very polite, did not get upset, but did seem a little tired.

I Commented to the Manager that there was no sign to that effect. She actually looked around to confirm, and said they had several, but must have fallen down. But it didn't matter. No Smaller Change, no order.

I walked out to my truck and got some smaller bills in my console.

After I left it dawned on me that NO ONE had recommended that I just use a debit or credit card!

With the BUSY Holiday Shopping Season, MANY of your customers will be more likely to have big bills, Particularly at a VERY Busy McDonald's directly across from Connecticut's largest Mall, West Farms Mall, RIGHT OFF Connecticut's busiest Interstate I-84 Highway and Route 9.

McDonald's should reconsider accepting at least $50.00 dollar bills. There are Marking Pens and Bill verifier machines. You should at least post this policy of "No Longer Accepting 50's or 100's "on signs at the door or counter to alerting customers before they order.

I have hidden this message in an old blog posting where it won't be seen by the outside world. The Twitter 140 characters just couldn't do it. I'll delete it in 24 hours.

Mike Mozart.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Best Fan Video EVER! Thanks SirensGrotto! My Very Favorite Song Too!

Well, SirensGrotto is the Winner, Was there a Contest? Of the Best Fan video EVER made of Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia! I am so happy to have received this Great Video on My Birthday!

Siren's Grotto! You are the Best. How did you guess that 1985 was my VERY FAVORITE SONG?? I graduated from College in 1985. The original Music video in my absolute favorite music video!

SirensGrotto was one of my VERY FIRST FANS wayyyyy back in the very beginning! When my videos were justtttt starting not to suck! SirensGrotto was originally Sirengarg until YouTube deleted the Account! Those BASTARDS!

But Back to Happy Things! Here is my Favorite Video Ever! You will Enjoy it A LOT TOO!!

Please Please Please Please Go to the Video and Rate it 5 Stars!

a Video Birthday Card for Mike Mozart from RollerBladeMan100 on You Tube

Celebrate Good Times!

Yes is was Mike Mozart's Birthday on July 9th! And the Birthday greetings Did Roll in! It was great! Over 1,000 Birthday messages to My You Tube Message Box REALLY brightened my day!

Of course the special videos that my Fans make ALWAYS are my fondest gifts!

This Video birthday card from RollerBladeMan100 really cheered me up!

Thanks Again!

Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike Mozart from StinkyCheeseAuthor

Another Outstanding Birthday Video! WOW! Thanks to all of you for the cool, fun videos! This AMAZING Video Game themed one is by StinkyCheeseAuthor "Loz: Oracles of Mario and Stinky Cheese AND SmashMania", famous for Super Smash Bros. and SmashMania Videos. You'll LOVE It! Please click the link to see it on YouTube and Rate it 5 Stars! He Certainly Deserves it!

Thanks Again Stinky Cheese Author from
Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Banner Test

Test of Banner Created for me by Youtuber Goobian



Test of a Banner Created for me by YouTuber GrayFox189


More July 9th Birthday Birthday Wishes! A GREAT video from webkinz321rock


The Birthday Wishes videos keep rolling in. Hurray! I JUST received a cute on from YouTuber webkinz321rock with Kitty Cats! You have to see this!

Thanks Again for the birthday wishes!

Mike Mozart the Toy Review Guru of Jeepersmedia

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

AwesomeChic123 Wishes Mike Mozart Happy Birthday!


It's my Birthday on July 9th! I've been kinda depressed lately! So much work! And then AwesomeChic123 on You Tube sends me this GREAT Video as a reply to my new "Leave Viacom Alone" video!

You Must See this GREAT Video! Please click the link below to see the actual Video on You Tube! Please give our Great Fan 5 stars!

Awesomechic123 Birthday Wishes for Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia!

Thank You again AwesomeChic123! You're the Greatest!

Mike Mozart the Toy Guru from Jeepers Media on You Tube!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Worst Toy In HISTORY, Incredible Hulk Operation Game Reviewed Now on You Tube by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia


My new Toy review Video, "Most Funny Toy In History" Incredible Hulk Operation Game is Turning out to be My Biggest hit since My Return to You Tube Last Week! This toy is a special treat as it not only features The Incredible Hulk, but Also has Spiderman AND Ironman!

I shot that funny hulk video twice. I had heard so much about the Angry Video Game Nerd and watched his videos. I thought I would review this Horrifying Incredible Hulk toy with that same type of Anger. I shot and edited the video....but I didn't like it.

Even though the toy is terrible, It almost made be seem to extreme to bash a toy featuring little kid-like characters so harshly.

I re-shot and edited the video and was Sooooo tired after re-editing, Etc. that after the first two minutes, I neglected to put in my Trademark "Comic" sound effects.
More About this video AFTER the Embedded video! Look Below!!

I have been slowly adding annotations, "Pop Up Video" bubbles to this video as well as LOTS of my older videos! I've done most of the "Incredible Hulk" operation game toy review, but they only work ON the actual You Tube Site, and not in the embedded videos as I have added here!

Incredible Hulk Operation Game Toy Review

The original Incredible Hulk Operation Game Review cut was 12 minutes long, and I edited it down to 7.5 minutes, My longest single toy review video.

I edited out my complaint that the game required 4 TRIPLE A Batteries rather than 4 DOUBLE A Batteries and that the package REALLY hid this fact. I had to drive out to by batteries at my local CVS pharmacy at 11PM at night so I could shot the video! Hasbro probably did the change to save 1 cent on the manufacturing cost and cause a problem for the consumer!

Well, The toy IS made in the USA Mostly, ( It has two tiny imported parts) I usually give a company "Thumbs Up" for this, but I left it out because the toy was SO BAD!!!!

I also edited out the "item to remove" from Hulk's leg with the "Missile Toe". The Item was "Pants Shreds". The card read, "Help Hulk by Removing the Pants Shred Piece From His Pants and says "Hulk Likes to Shred his Puny Pants". It was very funny, but not good enough for the final cut!

I really wanted to mention the GIGANTIC bulge right where his "Family Jewels" are in his crotch, but it seemed "Over the top" and oddly enough,You can see this and Other Very Funny Videos here! Usually it's approved in 1-2 hours! I hope they don't feel it's TOO offensive! Well, I haven't been turned down yet! Well, You Tube already approved my "Rosie O'Donnell Doll Review" AND "Drag Queen Mr Potato Head" so they can't be too crazy about controversial reviews!

Please feel free to leave comments! You don't need to be a Blogger User, but the comments ARE moderated to prevent spam.

Thanks for Watching,
Mike Mozart

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Elvis Is Alive! From the People that Brought You Robosapien!

Hi Fans,

I'm trying to find one of these to Review on Jeepersmedia! Elvis is Alive as a Bizarre singing Robot decapitated Head! I'm NOT kidding. The Company Wowee that brought us such toys as Robosapien AND the Alive Chimpanzee Head are breatheing life back into Elvis Presley!

This is a Preview Video from the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show! This is not my Review, but I will make a review as soon as I lay my hands on one!

Stay Tuned to Jeepersmedia for all the latest and worst Toys and Games imaginable and unimaginable!!!

Mike Mozart your Toy Review Guru of Jeepersmedia

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Great Video from GrayMCMonkey Dedicated to... me! Mike Mozart ! What a Fan!

Hi again Mike Mozart-a-teers! GrayMCMonkey created a great tribute video to me, Mike Mozart.... or it's really a tribute to my "Collection of Stuff". Either way I think it's Great!

Here's the Link directly to the video on YouTube!

What a Great Fan! Please visit GreymcMonkey and give him 5 stars!
Thanks Again! You are a good Friend!

Mike MOzart Toy Review Guru of Jeepersmedia on YouTube

Kerry1995 Sings Birthday Wishes To Mike Mozart WOW! Wait until you Hear her Voice!

Birthday Wishes sung in honor of Mike Mozarts Birthday on Huly 9th 2008 by Kerry1995 on YouTube!

Kerry has the voice of an angel. Please listen to this amazingly beautiful video! After you do, Please drop by the YouTube page location;

And give Kerry 5 WELL DESERVED Stars! Shes going to be BIG some day! And we all knew her when!

Thanks Again Kerry! Absolutely Beautiful! A GREAT Birthday Present!

Mike Mozart of Jeepers Media on You Tube!

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm Starting to Annotate my Videos!

I'm Starting to Annotate my Videos!

Watch my Videos over the Next Few Days, I'm starting to Annotate them. Here is one of My First. I've only done two minutes. Let me Know what you think either comment here or at Jeepersmedia on the ACTUAL video Listing! Check out these Very Funny Videos!

Go Directly to this Mike Mozart Jeepersmedia Toy Review Video on You Tube.

When the Videos are imbedded, Such as the same one below, The annotations DO NOT WORK!
You need to push the link to see how its going!

Here's the Big question, Should I put the Annotated Videos up as New separate Videos??

Please Let Me Know!

Mike Mozart

"How to Draw Mike Mozart" by Spiderkid05 a Big Jeepersmedia Fan!


Watch some REALLY Funny Videos here! Some of Mike Mozarts Funniest Videos ever in an Outstanding Playlist!

A Great "How to Draw Mike Mozart Video" by Spiderkid05.

Just Amazing Video by a GREAT KID! Check out his GREAT channel on You Tube to learn how to draw ALL KINDS of Cool things...Besides me Of Course! His Feature Video is How to Draw the Incredible Hunk! GREAT VIDEO TOO!

Thanks Again Spider Kid!

Mike Mozart The Toy and Product Review Guru of Jeepersmedia

Happy Birthday To Mike Mozart July 9th

Happy Birthday to Me, Michael Mozart of Jeepersmedia on July 9th!

One of My Early Fans, Batboy,

Created this OUTSTANDING and Unexpected Birthday video for me in 2007!

BatBoy is well on his way to a Toy Collection As Big as Mine!

Thanks Again Batboy!

Your Friend Michael Mozart the Toy and Product Review Guru of Jeepersmedia

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great Fan RokinRebex22 On YouTube, The "Digg" Master!


My GREAT FAN RokinRebex22 singlehandedly Dugg most of My You Tube Videos!

WOW! What A LOT of Work! Not only that, She is VERY Talented! She didn't have a video camera , yet made a Great Video Featuring Jeepersmedia! How COOL is That!

Check it out Right Here!

Or Watch It Here! It only has 79 Views! I would appreciate if you all would click on that link and give it five stars! What a Trooper!

Don't Forget that it's My Birthday on July 9th!

Best Regards,
Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia and The Toy Channel

Welcome All My Fans! This is Brand New!

Hi to All,

I'm going to be writing about all my Exploits in Business here and imbedding some of MY LESS than You Tube-able Videos!

I'm also go to feature Videos that My GREAT FANS keep making to Honor Me! I will embed and write my thoughts on them. I think it will be lots of Fun.

I'm also going to Start adding those Balloon Notes to my older videos to explain them. Some videos had very specific Jokes about such things a "Wheat Gluten" that poisoned so many pets in 2006-7 in Canned Pet Foods from Menu foods. So I thought that I would put those little Pop Up notes in those "Dated Ones"

I'm Featuring Today, This GREAT Fan Movie that I think is Hilarious,

Mike Mozart Has Evil Eyes!

Please Enjoy!

Thanks For Visiting and Feel Free to Comment!

Mike Mozart

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Disney's The Little Mermaid Lollipop Review by Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia

This is my Review of the Little Mermaid Lollipop. One of my More watched Videos Ever and one of the Most Fun.

Check out this Super Funny Video of the Epic Fail Tarzan Toy

One of the most Epic Fail Videos every made of Toys!

The Epic Fail Kaba Kick Suicide Gun Game for Kids! Try not to Laugh at these Epic Fail Pez Dispensers! a Really Funny Video!