Friday, July 18, 2008

I can See Who Rates me on You Tube!

This is what I SEE! These are Ratings from my Newest Video about Harrison Ford's decision to promote WITH HIS LIKENESS, junk food for kids.

I never paid attention to what each user rates me until the Newest Video featuring my irritation of Harrison Ford. I'm surprised that I'm getting a public 4 star rating on the Indiana Jones SUCKS video rather than 5 stars or at least 4.5 stars in the first two hours BEFORE it hits the YouTube Search Engine. That means FANS/Subscribers/Friends are rating me poorly!

I'm SHOCKED that Longtime fans are siding with Harrison Ford and Viacom. I go out of my way to ACTUALLY Visit as many fans YouTube channels as possible and rate them 5 stars and comment on EVERY VIDEO.

I comment on their Public Channel Page. I really try Answer every possible question that comes in.

48 "Fans" have given me one star.

I posted this video at 5:00 AM in the morning. I worked on it all night because I felt so strongly about the issue.

I can't believe certain fans found my video so offensive or liked Harrison Ford so Much that after what I've done ESPECIALLY for certain fans to give me 1 star. Then to top it off, I get a Single star, go to their channel page with the Recent Ratings shown and they rate stolen copyright infringing clips 5 stars!

My in box has 2,800 messages from the PAST THREE DAYS! I'm spending 2 hours a day answering You Tube messages alone. I try NOT to disappoint anyone.

It Takes FOUR Fans to give me Five star Ratings to undo the damage of a Single ONE STAR RATING!

•A ONE and a FIVE equals THREE

•A Three and a Five Equals FOUR

•A Four and a Five Equals Four and One Half

•A Four and One Half and a Five will Show as Five

I have produced almost ALL these videos for free, my time, my money. Now that I'm in the advertising program I'm making $9.00-10.00 per day which does not cover ANYTHING. At least I'm making a little something.

I need a Hundred Thousand Views Per Day but One Star ratings hurt me BADLY Across the Board. Among my "Fans", I had 48 JeepersMedia YouTube subscribers/friends that gave me 1 star in the first two hours. It took 200 other real Fans 5 star ratings to bring that back up to a 4.5 rating that I have now.

Being a fan is like it is in baseball. Even if the Hometown team is in last place, the REAL fans still root for them. At least some of my FALSE friends and Fans made themselves known to me today. I DO NOT FORGET!

I think they should join the Harrison Ford Fan Club. Then they will find out how much Harrison Ford cares about his fans. Maybe Harrison Ford will rate THEIR videos, or reply to a message and offer encouragement. NOT!

My subscribers have DOUBLED in the two weeks since I returned. I will mention and promote, comment and Favorite my REAL fans, as I always have. Each day, my ability to help others become popular grows stronger.

Mike Mozart


Aaron said...

well i still rated u 5 stars mike! i agree with you totally, and greed makes people do bad things. keep up the good work, and id enjoy more videos like this!


Jen/Emi said...

I rated 5 stars for you :D

It was a bit late, but yesterday was my birthday so I wasn't really on much ^^; Sorry I couldn't rate sooner =( Some people really suck.

Stanthecanadianman said...

wow i cant beleive 48 people rated 1 star thats sad i rated 5 you anwserd my prayers by doing another food review :D love your reviews so do my famliy

Happy Hello From Ktown

cats rock said...

Hello mike mozart! I'not a well known fan to you but I ALWAYS rate you FIVE STARS! My names yiotos on youtube and I love your videos alot as soon as I see your video on my subscritions page I instantly click on it!