Thursday, January 15, 2009

Funny Vintage Game, Gooey Louie! Toy review by Mike Mozart

Check out this FUN Vintage Game of absolute Gross-ness! The Epic Fun ( or Epic Fail) Gooey Louie Game! This Funny Vintage Toy Review by Mike Mozart on his OTHER toy review channel, TheToyChannel on YouTube.

This JUST Appeared on My You Tube Channel and I'm testing it HERE First! You can embed this gadget on ANY site! Just copy the Embed code from just below my Profile on YouTube.


Adastra said...

Hello Mike. First, I love your videos. They're really funny and informative. However, I just finished watching your "People Pop" video. When you shook the pop and unveiled it, you mentioned that the sprinkles looked like "herpes." It was the second time I noticed you scowling at something bumpy and naming it after that. It made me sigh because I contracted herpes as a result of a rape at 22. I was a virgin and it was a very horrific and devastating thing to go through, let alone live with. The negative stigma attached to the STD makes it extremely hard sometimes not to feel dirty and disgusting, but 1 in 4 people have it, and a lot of times it is not a result of being promiscuous. I would really appreciate it if you found another thing to compare bumpy matter to. Still love what you do. Sincerely, Adastra.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, we thought you might be interested in this brand new museum of kitsch (at launching on September 14th but we can't find your contact info - please email Kristen at kitsch(at)ghettogloss(dot)com for more information. Thanks!

JamiSings said...

Hi, I saw two Christmas theme displays that made me wish you were there. They were at a Big Lots store - this one in fact -

3321 South Bristol Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704

One had Santa leaning over with his butt aimed towards a fire. His butt would wiggle and right where the hole would be it lit up. A snowman was on the other side of the fire. Santa would talk, then fart really loudly.

The other was an outhouse with a Santa hat hanging on the corner and Christmas lights around it. When you pressed the button you'd hear Santa inside saying things like "If someone doesn't bring me some toilet paper I'll start using the NICE list!" or he'd sing some song like Jingle Bells or Deck The Halls and would fart out the rest of the tune.

When I saw them all I could think was "MAN! I wish Mike Mozart was here!"

I can't find them on the Big Lots site. However I did manage to find the animated outhouse and here's what the other one looks like.

I also saw the DC Black Canary doll at the same Big Lots that got so much flack for being "too sexual."

I don't know your e-mail address otherwise I'd submit via there.

Still hope you do one of Astropops, remind people how the candy used to be the other way around with the point at the other end! Nice, sweet, deadly candy! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Hey, watched your video about Viacom and thought you should check out this news article about Viacom.

Viacom secretly posted its videos even as they sued us for not taking down Viacom videos

Supposedly they have actually been uploading these videos (or at least some of them) themselves or through people who were hired to do so. Pretty messed up!

I got this news article from listening to "Pirate Party Radio" a broadcast from Rant Meida an independent/alternative news (and a bunch of other services) website.

I enjoyed the mentioning in this video about the sexual subliminal references for these Viacom toys you showed. Just goes to show you how these corporations try to indoctrinate the children from youth and right on into maturity.

This sort of stuff of course doesn't stop at Viacom, and is much to common in the current "society" we live in.

Great video, the only one I watched of yours, but you make some great points.

Isabelle said...

I saw your youtube videos, awesome! U rock!