Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Best Fan Video EVER! Thanks SirensGrotto! My Very Favorite Song Too!

Well, SirensGrotto is the Winner, Was there a Contest? Of the Best Fan video EVER made of Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia! I am so happy to have received this Great Video on My Birthday!

Siren's Grotto! You are the Best. How did you guess that 1985 was my VERY FAVORITE SONG?? I graduated from College in 1985. The original Music video in my absolute favorite music video!

SirensGrotto was one of my VERY FIRST FANS wayyyyy back in the very beginning! When my videos were justtttt starting not to suck! SirensGrotto was originally Sirengarg until YouTube deleted the Account! Those BASTARDS!

But Back to Happy Things! Here is my Favorite Video Ever! You will Enjoy it A LOT TOO!!

Please Please Please Please Go to the Video and Rate it 5 Stars!

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