Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm Starting to Annotate my Videos!

I'm Starting to Annotate my Videos!

Watch my Videos over the Next Few Days, I'm starting to Annotate them. Here is one of My First. I've only done two minutes. Let me Know what you think either comment here or at Jeepersmedia on the ACTUAL video Listing! Check out these Very Funny Videos!

Go Directly to this Mike Mozart Jeepersmedia Toy Review Video on You Tube.

When the Videos are imbedded, Such as the same one below, The annotations DO NOT WORK!
You need to push the link to see how its going!

Here's the Big question, Should I put the Annotated Videos up as New separate Videos??

Please Let Me Know!

Mike Mozart

1 comment:

-matt- said...

Holy cow that was cool.
Keep up the good work!
PS- I don't think there's a need for separate videos.
It's fun to go back and discover old videos, and looking for annotations would just make that even more fun (but that's just my opinion!)