Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome All My Fans! This is Brand New!

Hi to All,

I'm going to be writing about all my Exploits in Business here and imbedding some of MY LESS than You Tube-able Videos!

I'm also go to feature Videos that My GREAT FANS keep making to Honor Me! I will embed and write my thoughts on them. I think it will be lots of Fun.

I'm also going to Start adding those Balloon Notes to my older videos to explain them. Some videos had very specific Jokes about such things a "Wheat Gluten" that poisoned so many pets in 2006-7 in Canned Pet Foods from Menu foods. So I thought that I would put those little Pop Up notes in those "Dated Ones"

I'm Featuring Today, This GREAT Fan Movie that I think is Hilarious,

Mike Mozart Has Evil Eyes!

Please Enjoy!

Thanks For Visiting and Feel Free to Comment!

Mike Mozart

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