Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mike Mozart Toy Review of Another Pitiful Incredible Hulk Licensed Toy, Incredible Hulk "Shape Shifter" Turns into a Dinosaur

The Shitty toys never stop being Crapped out in the Marvel Universe. Feast your Eyes and Grab your vomit bags. Behold another Marvel Travesty, The Horrifying Incredible Hulk Shape Shifter Toy. It was like a Transformer..but nasty Crappy.

Hulk turns into a Lame Dino Beast! Well a Picture says a THOUSAND WORDS, so here it is! OMG, You have been Warned!

Mike Mozart The Product and Toy Guru of JeepersMedia on YouTube!


stanthecanadianman said...

omg thats bad

why does it say spiderman at the top is that their mascot?

jackfrost said...

I always found the Savage Hulk figure released in the 90s to be very bizarre. It came with a Bruce Banner figure that is 1/10 the size of the Hulk and you put him in a slit on the Hulks back.