Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Incredible Hulk TRAVESTIES! Continued. Ugliest Incredible Hulk toy EVER??

Hi Kids,

I'm going through my toy collection looking for Terrible toys. I found the images for this toy, Incredible Hulk SpiderMan. No Fooling!

I'd like to say that this is the WORST incedible Hulk licensed toy EVER...But I have over 50 more Ugly Hulk toys to Sort Through! Sigh...

Well, Feast your Eyes on THIS Horror!

1 comment:

Stanthecanadianman said...

spiderman + roids = shrek XD

this is so dumb what kid would want this

omg a spiderman no wait its the hulk omfg this is the best ever buy it mummy (simulation not real) :D